Billy, Lawa-Na, & Family 2015

So this family shoot seriously brought me back… Lawa-Na was the very first person who trusted me to take their photograph!!! Can you believe that?!? We were sixteen…I was starting to have a real interest in photography and she so willingly would model for me!!!! I would take her to the Rollinsford Cemetery and the Railroad Track and she would pose…Can you believe it?!?! That was 17 years ago!!!!!! AHHHHH!! I’m officially old! Anyways, I got off track…she gave me a chance and I will forever be grateful!!! Although we don’t see each other often, when we do get together it seems just like yesterday, as if nothing has changed!!! There is nothing I love more than when she gets in touch with me and asks me to photograph her family once again! Thanks for always believing in me!


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