It’s official… I’m finally working on a new website!!!!

As some of you may know, I have been wanting to make a new website for quite some time…this being said- I realized on more than one occasion during this process, that I may have bit off a little more than I can chew.  Making a website is soooo hard… I can’t even believe how many little details there are, how much time it really does take and how much you really do want this to be a true representation of you.  This website will be a work in progress for sure.   As time goes on, I hope to have all of my albums up and revamped, showing old work & new work in new client proofing galleries, contact info, pricing, a blog for sneak peeks, a calendar to show what dates I’m booked and what I have available, sharing capabilities so that each client can share their very own gallery and slideshow and  so much more!!! I can’t even wait!!!  With all of these new changes that I know will improve my business, there are also some small changes that may be hard for my clients to get used to, but  I assure you, that although change is sometimes hard….this is going to be soooo much better once we all get used to it!!!  For my past clients, the change is this.  I will no longer be using Smugmug as a gallery or printing company.  I will now be sending each client a link to their very own gallery/slideshow in which each photo is numbered.  I will also be making a new order sheet which you will fill out and email back to me, I will now order each photo and have them directly shipped back to you!  Everything else will stay the same.  You can still send the link and the form to other people in your families who may want to order just like before, prices will remain the same, and I know in time this is going to be wonderful for all of us!!!!  Thanks so much for being patient as I continue to work on my new site & blog as well as getting everyones galleries uploaded!


With all of that being said….here is my first gallery.

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