Portland Maine Wedding

Justin & Mary,

I’m scared to death sending you this as I’ve never in my life thought of submitting any photos to anything before….that being said, for some reason my heart is telling me to tonight!  I shot this wedding in Portland, Maine and I loved how it had a different feel to it.  From this grooms navy suit, to how this bride used these beautiful hand made hankies from her grandmother who had passed away years earlier…. my heart just felt so good thinking that her grandmother was here with her on this most special day, and I loved that.  I’m not sending too many but instead just a few of my favorites-

Thanks for taking a quick little look- I’m not exactly sure if I sized these correctly or not- I had to watch a you tube video on resizing for the web!



Thanks for all that you guys do each and every day to encourage all of us way out here. You provide us with encouragement, knowledge, confidence, the ability to dream, the want to push forward and become more than we are today- and for that I am forever grateful.