Sherrie & Family

Hmmmm….where do I even begin….first, I guess I should tell you that this shoot meant so much to me for so many reasons, some of which I may not even be able to explain.  It began with our family moving to Berwick.  All I wanted was to feel part of a community and I wasn’t exactly sure how I should go about doing that.  I wanted to not only feel part of something, but also for my boys to grow up being part of a place that wanted to give back, that cared about things, and didn’t just talk about making a difference- but truly put the effort into actually doing so.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to jump in though- or where to look.  Right in the midst of moving, baseball season was about to start.  We signed our four boys up and looked forward to meeting new people and learning more about this community.  Lucky for me an amazing thing was about to happen and we would attend a wonderful event….put on by Berwick Youth Baseball and York Hospital called “Berwick Youth Baseball Strikes Out Breast Cancer”  I left the event feeling so excited and desperately wanting to be a part of it!!!   I think I even went up to the head of baseball at the time and let him know that if they ever needed help I would love to be contacted!  It wasn’t long until I was connected with Amy Locke….the most amazing woman, with a positive attitude, with the drive to get things done and ideas that shine….she is the founder of “Berwick Youth Baseball Strikes Out Breast Cancer”.  When I asked her what made her want to start this and how she came up with the idea, her response was beautiful….”I wanted to do it -as I felt you should help others, you should give back to your community, and if everyone pulls together it CAN be done and WE can make a difference in someone’s life!”  Right away I knew that this was what I was supposed to be part of!  Amy and I connected right from the start!  From that moment on I went to the meetings, I tried to help, and I was super excited about our 2015 event!  Our goal was to not only teach our children that giving back is what it is all about, but also to raise money through various activities (dunking tank, home run derby, tennis ball toss, face painting- and so much more) and donate 100% of the proceeds to the York Hospital Breast Cancer Living Well Fund!!!  It was amazing!!!! We did it!!! Because of our amazing community and our fantastic baseball organization and many, many wonderful families as well as a really awesome relationship with York Hospital, we were able to donate $2000.00.  This money can make a huge difference in a cancer patients life!!!  But most of all what I gained from this special day was a new friendship…. I gained a true hero, a true fighter, a true survivor, a true vision of strength… Sherrie Nichols.  Sherrie was the best part of this day.  Sherrie came to speak to our baseball players and our community to tell them what it is like living with breast cancer.  What it was like finding out. What it was like going through treatment.  What it was like living with this every single day.  She was absolutely AMAZING and I know that these kids will remember her and this event forever!  Thank you so much Amy Locke, Berwick Youth Baseball, Carol Kane, York Hospital & Sherrie Nichols for helping me feel part of something so near and dear to my heart.  I can’t wait for next year and I hope that we can raise even more awareness and money to donate to this great cause!!! In addition I would like to add that because of this event I have decided that I would love to donate a few photoshoots a year to Breast Cancer Patients.  I will soon be reaching out to York Hospital and hoping that they can give this neat opportunity to someone who would love it!!! In the future if anyone would like to ever donate to the York Hospital Breast Cancer Living Well Fund or to Berwick Youth Baseball Strikes Out Breast Cancer Fund – please feel free to contact me and I will send you their information!!!!

Here is a slideshow I made of  Sherrie and her BEAUTIFUL family!  The love and support that they have for one another is simply breathtaking….