The Albert Family 2015

I’m so excited to share this family shoot with you guys as this shoot means so very much to me!!! Vicky and Sean and their two beautiful girls are some of my closest friends and are near and dear to my heart!!!! I was so excited when Vicky mentioned wanting to do a family shoot at a Castle!!! How incredible is that?! She had seen photos of Crane’s Castle in Ipswich, Massachusetts and had fallen in love with it!!! She didn’t have to convince me, that this would be the most beautiful setting for this shoot!!! I was so excited!!! I love to travel and LOVE finding new places to shoot at!!! If you guys ever get the chance, definitely go check out Crane’s Castle you will not be sorry!!! It is a stunning backdrop for family photos, engagements, and weddings and you will love it!!! So now for the backstory…. I met Vicky years and years ago (8 years to be exact) how is that even possible?!?! Vicky had just started working at Wentworth Douglass Hospital right before I went out on my maternity leave to have my sweet little Jackson!!! I still remember the first day we met, but never would have thought that she would eventually play such an important role in my life.  Hours after having Jackson, Vicky became his nurse and found that for some reason he wasn’t able to keep his temperature up- and he was later admitted into the nursery for 6 days with an infection!   If it wasn’t for her extreme knowledge, and being so on top of things, who knows how bad things could have got!  This story is just one of many where Vicky was there for me or my family when we needed!!! She has been a constant friend that I can turn to for advice on motherhood, friendship, love, work, every single part of my life, and she is so appreciated every single day!!! Vicky thank you so much for giving me this amazing opportunity to capture beautiful moments with you and your family!!!!


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