The Benkosky Family

Where do I even begin in telling you about how much I love this family?! It all started with me needing to find a part time job and coming across one that fit perfectly into my life at the moment!  I started working at St. Mary Academy and got to know this lovely little girl “Addy” who became my best buddy and partner in crime!  I loved everything about her- but especially that she was SO girly!!! For those that don’t know, I have four beautiful boys, whom I love more than life.  But sometimes, the craziness is a bit much.  Lucky for me I was able to go in to school each and every day and get my girly yet calm fix!  I would braid hair, put colorful hair clips in, color pictures, talk about frozen, sing frozen songs, and listened to wonderful little stories that included every single detail (like only girls seem to know how to do) which was very unlike the stories I got at home from my boys!  I loved it.  In addition to Addy, I met her dad Matt. A wonderful guy and dad who just seemed to “get” life.  I love guys that just get it.  Through Matt & Addy I was lucky enough to finally meet Tracey who I felt I instantly connected with!  Tracey is wonderful, she cares about things, she cares about the food that her kids eat, she cares about the world we are raising our children in.  Right away I just felt like the things I worried about as a mom she worried about too.  She made me see that most of us moms are feeling very similar things, we worry, we love, we care, we want the best for our children, we want the best for ourselves too.  Moms today have a really hard job.  Speaking for myself….I just want it all!!!!! I want the career, I want to be a really awesome mom, I want to be a good wife….but is that ALL possible?! Can we have it all, or are we asking too much?!  So these are just some of the things that our conversations made me think about!  Oh yes, and how can we forget Brody (or Geo as Addy called him)!  This sweet, sweet, gentle boy, who reminded me in every single way of my Thomas.   So this is The Benkosky Family.  A really wonderful family that I am so happy to have had the chance to get to know!!!



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