The Curry Family

I couldn’t be more excited to share the photos from my shoot with the wonderful Curry Family!  I had already done a shoot with Pat and Julie and their beautiful kiddos earlier in the year, but for this one I was able to meet Pat’s brother Nate and his children who were up for a family vacation as well as Pat’s parents!  It was so awesome to get to know them and  I loved every minute! My favorite part of this shoot that I will always remember was when I photographed Pat and Nate and their parents together.  I loved it…. all I could think about was the fact that at one point this lovely mother was raising her two little boys—and now look… here they are, brothers, friends, having family photos taken together, with their children….It is everything I could ever hope for.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t tell my four boys that they will never have a better friend than their brothers…I say it, I drill it in, I want them to know and to feel that that kind of love and “I’ve got your back kind of feeling” is within them, will always be…. Thanks Pat and Nate for showing me that this is all possible… and a thank you to your amazing parents too!


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