The Grenier Family


I can’t even tell you how much I adore your family.  How much I adore you.  How much I adore this friendship and the positive light you bring into my life every single day!!! I feel so blessed to have connected back at the Pay Wedding a couple of years ago… to discover that we would have so much in common when we didn’t even hardly know each other…who would have known.  I truly never would have imagined it, but am so thankful for it.  Your constant encouragement, and trust in everything- from motherhood, to being an entrepreneur, to being a creative, to being a giver, to being a listening ear…you amaze me.  I love that you have followed your dreams as I too,  have chosen to follow mine.  It wasn’t an easy thing to do- I remember it well, but through hard work, and belief in something greater, and big, huge, dreams….WE BOTH DID IT!!!!  It is the greatest gift ever to now look at your paintings in my home every single day!  I walk into my living room and feel so excited to have your work, your creation before me!!!! I hope you enjoy these photos of you and your beautiful family as much as I enjoy you!!!


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