The Higgins Family 2015

I am just so excited to finally share these photos with this beautiful family!!!! I met the wonderful Higgins Family through a friend that I have been photographing for years…some may recognize Lawa-Na and her family from her past family shoot that was on my blog this past summer.  As I always say, word of mouth is everything and as always I couldn’t have been more appreciative to gain another amazing new family that I will remember forever!  As you will notice…this family was stunningly gorgeous!!!! Seriously, I found myself hardly able to delete photos because I was finding good in almost every one!! How do you delete them when you love them all?!  But, even more important than their beauty on the outside…was their beauty on the inside….serioulsy, they were some of the kindest people I have ever photographed!!!  From the minute I met them it was comfortable and it just felt like I had known them forever!  There was laughing, talking, and connecting- and it was definitely my kind of shoot!  I loved it!  I can never thank you guys enough for helping show me how much I really do love my job!

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