The Vanderzanden Family 2012

Oh how I love The Vanderzanden Family!  I’ve always felt  lucky to have  been invited over to photograph some super fun happenings at their farm, but this time when asked to photograph their two beautiful grandchildren…well who could refuse that?!?!!?  I not only was able to photograph their little beauty of a grand daughter who is stunning, but I was also able to finally meet their brand new grandson who I had also heard so very much about!  This photo below was one of my very first photos of the day and I absolutely LOVE something about it.  I think it’s the old vs. the new, the life that has lived so very much vs. the life that is just starting….and of course it’s the simple fact that it’s his first grandson!  To me this photo says so much and I just love everything about it!  Thanks again for such a wonderful day, for being such great friends, for introducing me to your beautiful family & for the most amazing lasagna I have ever tasted!  Enjoy!

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