The Vigueras Family

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this family!  My cousin Lynn is one of the kindest most gentle, loving, positive, strong, and hard working people I have ever known… She has raised these three amazingly beautiful children who are even more beautiful on the inside…you are probably wondering how that is possible- but it is!  I love and appreciate that she reaches out to have these photos taken each year as it means so much to me….but what I appreciate even more than that is that it is a time where Lynn and I get to connect and talk!!!  I love it and I appreciate her insight on life and being a mom and that balance that is sometimes so hard to figure out.  Another special thing is that Lynn has always been one of my Memere’s favorite people ever…she adore’s her and Lynn’s mom was my Memere’s very best friend too….I love that little connection!!!  Alright, enough with my story telling and I hope you enjoy this little slideshow!


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