Updated Website!!!

Hey Guys!!! Check out my newly updated website!!! Please look around!!! I’m super excited as I’ve updated all my photo albums, all my slideshows, my entire blog….everything!!! So fun!!! Each and every winter I always seem to feel a little down in the dumps about how slow my photography is during these very cold and snowy months! This year felt different… Instead of feeling down and depressed over missing the sunshine and warmth I decided to take full advantage of cuddling with my kiddos, drinking plenty of coffee all while enjoying the snow falling outside and making major updates to my blog and my 2015 business plan! I can’t wait for you guys to see & please let me know what you think!!! This year already feels so good! I’m feeling excited, refreshed, and so ready for any adventure that comes my way! This year is going to be the absolute best!!! Thank you all for your continued support in my photography journey- it really does mean the world to me!

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